Welcome to PC CHAP where the world of political correctness goes into crazyland. This is a site that cannot bear to offend anyone so no matter how hard you try to be disrespectful, it won't cut any ice here!

What is this all about then? I guess I should probably tell you right here, right now, since I'm unquestionably a very PC Chap!

pc chapPolitical correctness is a modern term for taking the concept of being polite and nice to a level that defies common sense.

It means you don't ever dare to offend a person no matter what they look like, where they were born, what religion they follow (or not), how old or young they are, whether they are straight or gay, whether they are a man or a woman, rich or poor... and so on and so forth.

I think you get the picture.

Cause No Offense

Being PC means you don't cause any offense to anyone. Geddit?

I hope so, because from here on out, you are going to learn how to be so cringingly nice to people you'll wonder if you suddenly became a saint. Or something. Whatever.

There was more to this site once upon a time. It was all about Law Enforcement Chaplaincy in Placer County.

Ministry of Law Enforcement

I need to take a moment to remind anyone who visits expecting to find the Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, it has moved to a different domain. But I can still show you a little of the original site here.

A visible reminder of the true presence of God in community and crisis.

In fact, I have carefully reproduced the original site's main inner pages for your reference. If you'd like to click any of the links directly below you can see the site as it once was.

Alternatively, we can get back to the subject here of the correct kind of politicality that I'm doing a sterling job of explaining.

Not Everything is as it Seems

If you think you are superior to anyone else, stop it right now. Because you are not. You are equal to everyone and everyone is equal to you in every single way that you can possibly imagine. That must be the honest truth for this to work.

Are you having any doubts? Stop that too. I would advise caution here.

You're not allowed to doubt the fact, the incontrovertible fact that every human being was made equal. Actually, that (aside from the obvious that some are male and some are female) is the absolute truth!

What's the Catch?

I can see you are already beginning to wonder if there might not be an ever so slightly kind of misleading going on here. Like someone, somewhere in some strange institute perhaps is having a rather wry grin at themselves. A tongue is possibly jammed into a cheek someplace.

No, surely no one would dare to question the validity and necessity of political correctness? Heaven's alive! Would we? Could we? Should we?

I think I will have to let you be the judge of that!