How to Improve Your Life from Health to Happiness

If life has been getting you down and you're not feeling your best, maybe you want to know how to improve your life from health to happiness and everything in between!

It doesn't matter where you live, if you don't live well. More and more people who live some of the best places in the world are not having an optimal life due to their poor lifestyle and mental state.

In the modern world this is mainly due to things such as eating the wrong food, being way too stressed and leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle and mental state.

Doing it All Wrong

Back just before the turn of the century, you could add the habits of drinking and smoking to that list too. However, with all the focus on the negative effects of these things, a lot of people have cut down on those bad to improve your life

But are the other problems really that bad?

Actually they are. Being in a mentally bad place, feeling tired and being overly stressed can often lead to things such as higher blood pressure, hair loss, mental illness, etc.

In many cases, stress also leads to the second problem. This is eating the wrong types of food, getting very little exercise and generally living a non healthy way of life.

Of course you can monitor your blood pressure with a special device, maybe even the hair loss with a good and doubtless expensive product (or resort to a hair transplant). But the mental health isn't something you can easily monitor and most of the times you won't really notice before it's actually really bad.

A lot of people spend way to much money on monitoring their health with all kinds of products and many other health monitors that can be purchased online these days. It's not without a reason that major ecommerce sites are selling more than ever.

There is Some Good News

The good news is that fortunately, a lot of these issues can easily be avoided, just by focusing more on your lifestyle and having a cleansed mind for clarity of thought.

Since stress and food are the two major problems in the modern world, we need to pay more attention to them. Dealing with stress at work or at home isn't always easy and can be something that is hard to avoid, especially when your mind is clogged up with so much to do and not enough time to do it all.

Solving the problem would often be cheaper than using expensive products, or going to a shrink every week, but it's not always easy. A lot of us know that our stresses are due to high demands on our job and our personal need to do our work as well as possible.

One way of dealing with and reducing the amount of stress is to become more organised. Plan things better, improve your filing system and avoid to many distractions such as online social media sites.

Most of the time you can easily reduce the stress level by 20-30% by learning to plan things better. This also helps to free up some mental space to clear thoughts and remove some of the blockages that are indirectly causing the problems.

Time for a Change of Diet?

Most of the food people eat nowadays that are bought from the stores nicely processed, packaged and promoted are actually bad for you. They might give you most of the energy you need in order to function, but after a certain amount of time, your body are likely to feel the problems with this type of food.

The main reason is that most of the food we eat contain too much fructose (white sugar is half fructose, half glucose) or too much of the wrong types of fats (generally trans fats). This leads to problems such as obesity, insulin resistances or Diabetes.

Changing your diet such to avoid refined whet products such as white bread, pasta, cakes and cookies as well as high starch foods like rice and potatoes are the first step you can do. Dropping sweetened drinks, soda and other types of liquids with sugar are the second.

Healthy Fats for a Healthy Brain

The third would be to get more omega 3 or EPA GLA from foods such as oily fish (sardines, salmon, herring) and plant-based foods such as walnuts, chia seeds or flax seeds. Then what you can do is book a meeting with a dietitian and get a proper food plan that fits your personal needs.

Believe me, after just a month of healthy eating and getting some daily exercise, you will feel quite a difference. Adding extra exercise to your life can only be a good thing as our bodies are built to be worked hard, would also be a good thing as the next step.

Lastly, be happy! Whatever you can do to put yourself in a situation that makes you smile or makes you feel good inside will reward you with not only better physical health but also a better outlook on life and a positive mental disposition.

In other words, the better you feel, the better you will feel!