Manifest Wealth: Is it Really Possible?

You have probably heard about people who claim they know how to manifest wealth. Is it really possible to do this and if so, how is it done?

To begin with, you should know that as far as anyone knows, it is not possible to conjure up a stack of cash out of nothingness, without using sleight of hand as any good magician will no doubt know how to do.

However, it is possible to accumulate and grow your own personal wealth from a starting point of practically zero when you know what to do.

It's quite obvious that we live in material bodies, which correspond to the material world, meaning we require material things to make that existence more pleasurable and comfortable.

manifest wealthThe desire to have wealth manifest quickly and easily is therefore a natural one from this perspective.

An increase in personal wealth allows us to rise in social status, as well as be freed from any financial restrictions that might hold us back from even greater financial heights. Let's look at how to manifest money, wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Accumulating Wealth

So let's look at how someone can create a wealth flow in their own direction easily.

It is of course unlikely that the majority of people can give you what you are looking for. This is because most people live in a world where to earn money they need to work a job, which takes up a large percentage of their day, every day.

Most people do not know how to become wealthy and many would argue that rich people are evil or that to have money would make you a bad person.

The best advice (if you want to become wealthy) is to not listen to those people. When people start to complain about how bad things are or why they are having a terrible time, you should get away from them!

You need to start from a position where you talk to people who are making a lot of money, or who are of the opinion that to have a lot of money is a good thing and that to grow your wealth is desirable.

When you are around positive, enthusiastic, wealth oriented people, their energy will affect you in positive ways. You will begin to think like them and when your thoughts become hard-wired to attract wealth and not repel it, you will see the physical side of that equation start to play out in your own life.

This is how the law of attraction tends to work, by attracting to us things that we are on the same frequency of energetically. In this case, like attracts like.

A Wealth Mindset

Wealth, prosperity and abundance all starts with the mind and what you primarily focus your thoughts on each day.

You probably know that your mind is the seat of creativity, ideas, and inspiration. It is an asset that is available to every person.

Only five out of 100 people are able to use their greatest resource in order to create change and improve their lives. Imagine the excitement that they would feel if they had known about the possibilities!

Often, people don't even realize that they are doing it. They allow an outsider to control their minds.

Mental Control

What do most people when they come home after work?

They head straight for the sitting room and collapse on the couch to watch TV!

That's a terrible thing to do (unless you have no interest in becoming wealthy). Do you have any idea what's happening to your brain as you watch television? Remember, your mind is your greatest asset.

The TV takes over the role of the imagination. Instead of letting the imagination create ideas, the television program guides the mind.

It shows it (visually and/or audibly), what to believe, where to look, and how to feel. It literally absorbs you into the show so that you become an integral part of it. You may even feel emotions because of what you see.

If you are in a scene with a villain sneakily stalking a girl along a dark street alone, then you can actually feel the tension. The anticipation of fear. If you're watching a scene, where the girl heroine agrees to kiss the boy hero and you feel joy, then you can experience this feeling.

The feeling is real because the emotions you feel are real. They are triggered by your mind's experience.


But it's not really real, because the actors are playing their parts in a movie studio.

Your mind has just been hijacked and tricked into believing that it is. It's real for you, in all but name. You're being played!

If you still don't believe me then try it for yourself.

You can watch a show and let yourself become absorbed. After that, deliberately break free from the program and give yourself an independent thought.

Did you notice that suddenly you found yourself on your sofa thinking about something other than the imagined world you had just been in?

You just broke the brainwashing process and stepped outside for a mental break. The best advice, if you want to avoid having your mind controlled is to stop watching the TV!

What's the link between this and manifesting wealth, you ask?


You Can Choose Your Thoughts

What the mind believes...

The television can create a sense of realism for viewers by using visual and auditory stimuli. However, you can also do this with your imagination without external stimuli.

You can use your imagination as a powerful weapon if only you know how. The hack is that through clarity of mind you can choose the thoughts you want to think and make them about the wealth that you have already generated.

Even if you haven't yet accumulated a paltry cent yet, that doesn't matter. Fill your mind with thoughts of being in possession of great wealth and match those thoughts with the emotional feeling of it being true and you can do the brainwashing to yourself, except you put the programs in there and not someone else.

Your unconscious mind can't tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So trick it to believe you are already wealthy and it will follow its new program by supporting your endeavors to make it your reality.

Working with Your Mind

You can shut out the outside influences by turning off the television. Let your imagination do the work for you.

Your task is to quieten your busy mind in a place where you won't be interrupted by external forces. Then, you can make use of a calm, relaxed and receptive mental state called meditation.

This will allow the quietness of the mind to remove the blocks and the resistance created by the busy mind. These blocks are what make us resist the good which is waiting for us.

Without realizing it, many of us are blocking the flow of wealth by creating mental noise. Negative self talk, negative emotions, and bad feelings are all obstacles we create in ourselves.

First, you must have a belief in your own abilities. When we are convinced that something is true, we will act on all the situations that could bring that thing about. This opens up the doors for it to enter our lives.

Practice Brings Profit

It takes a great deal of practice to quieten one's mind and allow for ideas to come from within. But, as with all things in life, repetition is the key. When your mind is quiet and you haven't been talking to yourself about useless things, you can let your imagination run wild and generate ideas.

Most of them are worthless, however, there will be a few that show promise. It is your responsibility to identify when you are on to something, and then seize that opportunity to develop it.

Believe in yourself and your idea. You can make it happen if you just believe in it. It may take a while, but the pieces will start to fall into place. Your idea will grow and become a reality.

You will face roadblocks on the way.

Roadblocks can be circumvented without resistance to allow you to continue onward toward your goal. When you choose to focus only on the goal and not so much on the journey, you are more likely to work directly toward it and not allow any deviation from your path.


Manifesting wealth is a physical journey that is guided by a mental plan.

Failing and falling down along the way is all part of thatjourney, and you need to maintain your own faith. Recognize that failures and obstacles are lessons you can learn to become better.

It will make you more determined and stronger to continue your quest to achieve your goals.

The bottom line is that if you never give up, you will never ultimately fail.

Posted: July 2, 2023