Mental Cleansing for Clarity of Thought

In order to make the most of the life laws that govern everything in our lives, we need to be able to think clearly. Mental cleansing techniques for clarity of thought can be used to achieve this.

What is meant by mental cleansing?

It is a process to help remove unwanted thoughts and thought clusters from our minds that are causing blockages and restrictions to enabling thought. Let's look at this first.

Mental Blockages

We are all prone to succumb to the constant pounding of information coming in from the world around us, or our environment. mental cleansingThis information comes from people in our vicinity and their vocal outpourings of whatever is on their minds, including their opinions, shared gossip and other often irrelevant chatter.

It also comes from the various media that we are in tune with, including the television, radio, Internet and printed media such as newspapers and magazines. The vast majority of this information is of no real value to us, for the most part forming current affairs, news and opinion.

All this mental bombardment results in our minds being kept very active, processing all this information. The downside is a mind that is kept active focusing on external information has little room for more important, deep and meaningful thought.

Another more serious by-product of all this information processing is that much of it will stir emotional responses in us that can cause is to become stressed and anxious about things we can do nothing about!

What is worse, is that some of it can stir deeply buried repressions of our past experiences that caused us great sadness, fear or guilt. It is these instances that are responsible for many of our current paradigms that govern our actions and even guide us through life according to the limitations inherent in them.

What this means is that by a process that happens every day almost completely unbeknown to us, life itself is holding us back from realizing our true potential.

The blockages in our minds are unconscious in nature and are triggered and reinforced by all of the external stimuli mentioned above. This knowledge might lead a person to believe they have almost no control over their lives and their destinies!

However, there is some good news.

Clearing the Blockages

These mental obstacles can be cleared, allowing old debilitating paradigms to be replaced with new, empowering ones. With a clearer mind, a person can also allocate more of their mental schedule to focusing on deep, meaningful thought work in meditation and affirmation.

How do we identify and clear these blockages?

Meditation alone can provide a powerful method of reaching deep into our innermost well of knowledge and formulating solutions to problems we face. However, for many people, just getting to the point where they can perform an effective meditative session can be restricted by their own deep rooted paradigms.

These paradigms must be removed to allow the person to be free to meditate deeply. How can this be done?


There is a traditional Hawaiian prayer and problem solving technique that is still used by the indigenous people of those islands to clear away the bad and promote the good through mental cleansing. ho'oponoponoIt is called "Ho'oponopono" which roughly translated means "to make right, right" and it is a powerful process used widely for correcting human relationship problems.

Ho'oponopono has been refined and developed into a technique for mental cleansing called "Zero Limits" by Hawaiian master Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and adapted for his book of the same name by popular life laws teacher Dr Joe Vitale. Essentially, the process enables a person to clear their mind of all troubling past experiences and related emotions.

This is in order to get to a point of mental nothingness, or "zero" thought.

By clearing out the mental obstructions, the person is enabled to connect with an inspiring and powerful awakening. Through effective meditation, they are then able to follow their own path to infinite intelligence to receive ideas and solutions they require to move forward in life and grow spiritually.

Dr Joe Vitale has created an online practitioner course to teach this technique and you can read a good ho'oponopono practitioner certification review recommending the course by clicking that link.

With a Clear Mind

The ultimate goal of achieving such mental clarity is of course the realization of your own personal development process to grow in your life and enjoy greater benefits, health and prosperity as a result.

Success comes to the person that has found the way to success!

That last statement may at first glance appear as a kind of catch 22. Yet it is also profound in that it means you first need to have discovered the process that will result in success before you can enjoy that success.

Meditation is the go-to mental tool that can bring solutions and ideas that in themselves can, when put into practice, bring about the changes necessary to get that success in life. It is a goal that so many seek in life but so few realize because they lack the knowledge of how to find it.

With a clear, unobstructed mental path to follow, a person can reach their goal and enjoy all of its benefits using the gifts they will have manifest from deep thought and connection with the source of all knowledge, known by some as "Infinite Intelligence" or by others as the ultimate being, God.

How you choose to define it is up to you, of course. But rather than beat your head against a virtual brick wall in your mind, free that mind and remove the wall by mental cleansing that is available for anyone to make use of if they desire it.