Quiet Time for Mental Expansion and Creativity

We should all make time each day to experience some some quiet time for mental expansion and to boost our creativity while reducing stress and anxiety naturally!

We all need a calming, relaxing experience to help us wash away the tensions and worries that creep up on us each day. The great thing is that we all can, if we want to!

Before I get into it, I should first start by explaining what I mean by "quiet time" and why I believe it is a really important as well as enjoyable pastime to get into regularly.

What is Quiet Time?

What I mean by quiet time is literally taking yourself off to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.quiettime

A place where you can relax in a comfortable chair or sofa or even a bed and shut out the outside world for a period of time works perfectly.

Basically, that means going to a quiet room in the house, or out in the garden or out into nature to take some time for yourself. Anywhere will do really, as long as noise and distractions are absent.

By distractions, I mean modern-day devices such as phones, radios, computing devices, or alarm clocks that are liable to go off when you least expect them to! Noise can be mitigated as long as it is constant, like the non-stop drone of far away traffic on a busy road or the hum of insects, busily flying around in a field of flowers.

What must be avoided are sudden loud noises, such as alarms, car's hooting, ambulance sirens suddenly shrieking in the street, neighbors yelling angrily at each other, builders operating power tools and similar.

The idea is to get yourself comfortable and warm so that you can relax without feeling any tension in your body. The aim is to completely relax both your physical body and your mind so that you can experience mental cleansing through the process of meditation.

Is Meditation Easy?

I hear from a lot of people that ask me how easy or difficult meditation actually is. I tell them that it is easy once you get used to doing it, but it is certainly not difficult even at the outset.

It does take some practice, like with most things, to get really good at meditating. However, it is a learning process that is really enjoyable, because it means you get to relax in comfort!

The part of meditating that people have a little trouble with, especially during the first few times they do it, is getting their mind to go quiet. Here's what I mean:

During practically every waking hour of our lives, our minds are busy. They're actively doing something whether it's learning new things, reasoning things out, attempting to solve puzzles or resolve problems or they're busy carrying out an inner conversation with themselves about something or other.

Self Talk

It is generally the self talk, or unspoken conversations we have inside our heads that take up a good part of each day. It is this inner voice that seems to be the most resistant to being silenced!

However, with some practice, even that stubborn talkative voice will succumb to the many advantages of becoming still and silent inside our minds. It is at that point, where all conscious mental activity goes quiet that we are "in" the meditative state.

I will get into more detail about meditation in the next article which you can access by clicking the blue link in this very sentence or follow the links in the navigation area on the home page of this website.